Organization Profile


The mission of Daily Bread For All, Inc. is to carry out humanitarian actions, charitable activities, and provide assistance to people in need. The vision of Daily Bread For All, Inc. is to reduce the effects of poverty in our neighborhood by assisting the poor. Daily Bread For All, Inc is a 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit, charitable & humanitarian organization approved by the IRS as “Public Charity”. We provide human and social services to the community. To fulfill our mission, we: -Provide free meals to the homeless on the street of Metro Atlanta. -Serve free bakery and food pantry items to people in need who qualify. -Collect and distribute clothing items to people in need in Metro Atlanta. -Assist and refer people to find the help they need. -Run a Food Rescue / Food recovery program. We raise awareness about saving food and avoiding food waste by informing businesses and companies in the community that reducing the amount of food wasted has significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

Civic & Community
Lawrenceville, GA, 30042